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Q-Q Research Selected to Serve as Needs Assessment Vendor

Annoucnement: Q-Q Research selected as needs assessment vendor

On October 21, 2021, the Children’s Services Council of Leon County Negotiation Team approved a recommendation from the Needs Assessment Invitation to Negotiate (ITN) Negotiation Team to award Q-Q Research Consultants with the contract for the Asset and Needs Assessment. The contract price is $279,773.


The Negotiation Team then convened a public meeting to discuss the merits of the final Responses. As outlined in the ITN, the Negotiation Team considered the following selection criteria:

  1. The Respondent’s demonstration of its prior relevant experience and the overall professional experience of the Respondent at providing the proposed services.
  2. The Respondent’s ability and approach to meeting the ITN goals.
  3. The Respondent’s ability and approach to providing the proposed services.
  4. The Respondent’s pricing.

The ultimate contract award measure is “best value,” which means the expected outcome of the Contract that provides the greatest overall benefit in response to the ITN requirements.

Applying these criteria, the Negotiation Team unanimously decided to recommend Q-Q Research based on the following characteristics of the firm:
• Specific experience at the community engagement level far superior to its competitor.
• Approach to collect quantitative and qualitative data from every population in this community.
• Previous work with other Children’s Services Councils in Florida, including the use of a subject matter expert who served as the project manager on a previous needs assessment in South Florida.
• The willingness to work with local agencies and individuals to ensure representation throughout the process.
• Approach is more informed as to diversity and inclusion and highly valued and incorporated the specific input of the underserved. Their enhanced response to the use of the ACEs framework was substantial and well designed.
• ACES framework for informing the work was substantial and well-designed and included the expertise of Dr. Ferrante, who holds a trauma informed care certification.
• Ability to identify best practices and evidence-supported interventions from across the country.
• Certified Women and Minority owned business.
• Energy and confidence of the team, with two members of the proposed team located in Tallahassee.
• Approach to address the gaps in service and not duplicate services.
• Commitment of over 3 times the services hours at a lower price than the competitor.

In consideration of the above, the Negotiation Team determined Q-Q Research Consultants as the best value response to the ITN with a contract amount of contract price is $279,773.

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