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Summer Camps for Children with Special Needs RFA

CSC Leon Local Funding Opportunity

The Children’s Services Council of Leon County (CSC Leon) has released a short-term, mini-funding cycle to support nonprofit organizations that provide inclusive and enriching summer camp experiences for children with special needs. If approved, an organization may be awarded up to $75,000 in funding for a period of four months (May 1 – August 30). These funds are to be used exclusively to provide an eligible child with financial support (scholarship) to attend camp for up to two weeks during the 2024 summer.

An estimated 1 in 4 children in Leon County has special needs or disabilities. Summer camp experiences for this group of children offer a unique opportunity for growth, development, inclusion, and fun, and often have a lasting positive impact on their overall well-being and pave a way for a more inclusive and accepting society. Specialty summer camps also provide much-needed respite for families and caregivers of children with special needs by allowing them to have some time for themselves, attend to other responsibilities, or simply recharge.

Despite the benefits, many children with special needs in Leon County do not have access to these camp experiences due to limited availability or cost-prohibitive expense. CSC Leon is seeking to provide funds to organizations dedicated to creating a safe and engaging environment where children with special needs can participate in a range of activities. To be eligible, organizations must demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity and provide detailed plans for accommodating the specific needs of the children they serve. Applicants should outline how the funding will be utilized to provide a camp experience and ensure the well-being and development of the participants.

We will host an informational session and tutorial of the application portal on Monday, March 18, at 3:00 p.m. ET via Zoom. The application portal can be accessed on our “Funding Announcements” page.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, April 5, at 5:00 p.m. Requests for technical assistance will not be accepted after 12 p.m. on the due date. Decisions are expected on or around Friday, April19.

As with all CSC Leon funding opportunities, applicants (their agents, officers, principals, and employees, including any individual assisting the applicant in this process) shall not engage in any written or verbal communication or any lobbying efforts or other attempts to influence the CSC Leon (including Council Members, team members or any member of the community impact panel) regarding the procurement, the merits of the applicant, or regarding whether CSC Leon should retain or select the applicant with respect to the procurement.

All communication regarding this funding announcement, including technical assistance requests, should be directed to the CSC Leon purchasing official (procurement@cscleon.org).


4 Responses

  1. Alicia Crespo says:

    I am a parent of a child with special needs. It is crucial that he’s enrolled in summer camp for me to work. He needs to attend a specialized camp due to his disability (autism/ADHD/ODD); and it would be a blessing to receive help to cover the costs for camp and ABA therapy while he’s attending. How can I get assistance to help with the costs for his needs?

    • Holly McPhail says:

      Thank you for your question. We are unable to provide direct assistance to families. Rather, we fund the programs to be able to offer scholarships. If you have a camp in mind, please encourage them to apply for this opportunity so they may be able to offer the assistance you seek. That said, multiple summer programs have already been funded and they are required to make accommodations to meet the needs of students with unique abilities. We strongly encourage you to reach out to them as well. You can access a full listing on the Summer Youth Expo page: https://cscleon.org/summeryouthexpo/. Please let us know if you have additional questions (or you can continue to connect via Messenger!). 🙂

  2. Sandi Hall says:

    How can I obtain a copy of the Informational session?

    • Holly McPhail says:

      Hello, all of our virtual info sessions are published to our YouTube Channel. You can access this one directly at the link above that says “VIEW” or here: https://youtu.be/_D8dDut3OIQ. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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