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CSC Leon Releases ITN for Needs Assessment

Assets and Needs Assessment Invitation to Negotiate

The Children’s Services Council of Leon County (CSC Leon) seeks to establish, through an Invitation to Negotiate (ITN), a contract for completion of a comprehensive inventory and analysis of programs currently offered in Leon County, Florida, which will provide a sound basis for future CSC Leon funding decisions.

The analysis is intended not only to provide a snapshot of the current situation relating to the needs of and services available to children and youth in Leon County, but also to highlight the causes and effects of current and long-term trends relating to the well-being of children, youth, and their parents, and the infrastructure needed to support them. It is intended to inform the decision-making process of CSC Leon in creating a roadmap for policies, programs and services that will positively transform the trajectory of Leon County’s future based on proven principles of success: wholistic systems approaches based on prevention, resiliency, and evidence-based and emerging practices that have documented effectiveness.

The ITN is a method of competitive solicitation under CSC Leon’s Purchasing Policy. Those interested in submitting a Response are to comply with all terms and conditions described in the solicitation located at https://cscleon.org/announcements/.

The ITN process is divided into two phases: the evaluation phase and the negotiation phase.

During the evaluation phase, CSC Leon evaluates all Responses, except those deemed nonresponsive, against the evaluation criteria to establish a competitive range of Responses reasonably susceptible of award. CSC Leon then selects one or more Respondents within the competitive range with which to commence negotiations.

The negotiation phase involves negotiations between CSC Leon and one or more Respondents whose evaluated Responses were determined to be within the competitive range. During this phase, CSC Leon may request revised Responses and final Responses (best and final offer or BAFO) based on the negotiations.

Final contract terms will be established during the negotiation phase. Once negotiations have concluded and BAFO(s) received and reviewed, CSC Leon will hold a Negotiation Team public meeting to recommend Contract award. The CSC Leon Governing Council will take up the recommendation at a public meeting and make the final decision concerning Contract award.

Submit all questions about the ITN in writing to the Purchasing Official via email (procurement@cscleon.org) by 5:00 PM ET on September 3, 2021. CSC Leon reserves the right to accept or reject any or all requests for clarification, either in whole or in part, and may require requests to be clarified or supplemented through additional written submissions. Respondents will be notified of the rejection of their request for clarification. Oral requests for clarification will not be accepted.

Please note, any person requiring a special accommodation due to a disability should contact the Purchasing Official.

All Respondent communications regarding the ITN shall be limited to the Purchasing Official. There shall be a “quiet period” between the date the ITN is advertised and the date the recommended award (or cancellation) has been announced. During the quiet period, no one acting on Respondent’s behalf may engage in any written or verbal communication or other attempts to influence anyone else at CSC Leon regarding this ITN, the merits of the Respondent, or whether CSC Leon should award the Contract to the Respondent. Any unauthorized contact may disqualify the Respondent from further consideration.