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Leon County Children’s Services Council settles on .375 millage rate

committee around a table

After almost two hours of discussion, the Leon County Children’s Services Council unanimously voted for a property tax rate of .375 mills.

The maximum tax the CSC was allowed to levy was 0.5, or half of a mill.

The tax amount will vary depending on how much a person’s property is worth.

According to CSC Treasurer Paul Mitchell, if the property appraiser says your home is worth $200,000, you would pay $75. If your home is worth $100,000, you would pay $37.50.

Multiple public speakers at Tuesday’s meeting urged the CSC to choose a millage rate on the higher end, arguing that children in the community cannot wait.

“While you’re thinking about it, think about the children that you may not have seen, and that we will have to see, sometimes in their darkest hour,” said one representative from the Leon County Sheriff’s Office.

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